• Hassle-free on-line meetings

  • Desktop sharing

  • On screen annotations

  • Discussion threads

  • Integrated voice conferencing

Finally a high quality web conferencing tool for an affordable price! And this without any installation need!
Jesse van Slooten
The amazing performance of the desktop sharing allows us to remotely present any application to our customers.
Kostas Tzerras
online meeting

Hassle-free on-line meetings

You do not need to worry about your own or your meeting participants connection settings to the internet. You can use Join2Meet even behind a restrictive corporate firewall, a proxy server or any special intranet configuration you might be accessing the web from. As long as you can view the Join2Meet web-site in your browser, you can use the service.

All widely-used browsers supported

There is no separate client-side download or installation required to use the service. Just log in using your web-browser and start your online meeting! The service can be used from any computer operating system be it Windows, Mac or Linux, and any up-to-date web-browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, or Opera. It has been tested with Firefox 3.6+, IE 8+, Chrome 10+, Safari 5+ and Opera 11+ browsers.

Integrated Voice Conferencing

To add full bi-directional audio to your meetings just choose the corresponding option from your meeting's seetings. You can use your machine's standard sound hardware (sound card, speakers and microphone or headset) to communicate with your meeting participants using the Voice over IP capabilities of Join2Meet and being able to choose between different quality/performance compression algorithms depending on your connections' bandwidth.

External Telephone Dial-in supported

Depending on your meeting requirements you may choose to use telephone conferencing for your meeting audio. Join2Meet provides you with this option too, integrating your meeting seamlessly to a telephone conference, and giving you and your meeting participants a PIN number and dial-in telephone numbers to call depending on their location, to access the telephone conference. Several international dial-in numbers are provided, helping you and your meetings participants save on your phone bills when having international meetings.

Different Meeting Security Types supported

You may want to hold a publicly accessible meeting open to everyone, or a private one only for the specific participants you want to invite. You may also want to protect your meeting with a PIN number available only to the people you explicitly invite in the meeting, or you may want to opt for a fully encrypted meeting using the HTTPS protocol. Join2Meet supports all these different choices in your meeting's configuration settings.

Participant Locations

Join2Meet is using the latest HTML5 standard to add more functionality to your online meeting experience. One of the features already available is that if you and your participants use and HTML-5 compliant version of a web-browser, you can see your geographic locations on the locations tab. You can keep track of where the meeting presenter and the meeting participants are currently situated, a handy feature for geographically sparse meeting groups, or mobile users.

Meeting Schedule and History

You can set-up a meeting and plan it in advance, or you can quick-start a default meeting and alter its settings on the fly. After hosting a meeting, you can view its meeting history, see the list of participants who joined, download the shared documents and view all the meeting discussion threads and the messages posted.

Desktop Sharing

The moment you start a Join2Meet you are sharing your desktop screen with all the meeting participants. The participants can see your screen updates in real time, watch a presentation, or see a demonstration of whatever you want to conduct a meeting about. You can go one step further and let them share control of your screen with you. They can then control your mouse pointer and interact with all the applications on your screen through their web-browser window and their own keyboard. You could actively cooperate in editing a document on your desktop for instance.

Annotate screen

You can grab your meeting participants' attention to a specific part of your presentation or demo by means of adding graphical or text annotations on your screen. You can draw shapes, add highlights, point arrows or write comments on any part of your screen, instantly visible to all the meeting participants. You can also take screenshots and share them as files to start a discussion thread on them. Different cursor modes, like the laser beam or the magnifying glass let you easily turn your desktop into a complete presentation tool.

Switch Presenters

Join2Meet allows you to hold multi-presenter meetings and conferences. You can at any point of your meeting with the click of an icon choose one of the meeting participants and hand over the presenter role to them. That the presentation screen will switch to show that participant's desktop and they will be able to use all the available annotation and presentation tools. You can thus use Join2Meet to perform remote desktop support for your customers, or do distributed demonstrations or even perform rotating presentations in a truly on-line webconference, instantly and without the need for separate client-side download and installation.

Discussion Threads

During your meeting, you and your meeting participants can engage in lively text-chat discussion about the presented content. They can post comments, questions, answers, remarks or notices in parallel threads started by any of them. They can also discuss about a particular document or screenshot you have uploaded.

Share documents

During your meeting you can upload and share documents with your meeting participants. Documents are instantly available for all participants to download and they can also be used to start discussion threads between meeting participants.

Easy Participant Invitations

At any point before starting or during the course of your meeting you can easily manage participant invitations, invite more or cancel invitations you have already sent. Meeting participants will be automatically notified by an invitation email containing all the information they might need to join the meeting, depending on the meeting security settings.