• Hassle-free on-line meetings

  • Desktop sharing

  • On screen annotations

  • Discussion threads

  • Integrated voice conferencing

Finally a high quality web conferencing tool for an affordable price! And this without any installation need!
Jesse van Slooten
The amazing performance of the desktop sharing allows us to remotely present any application to our customers.
Kostas Tzerras
online meeting

You can use Join2Meet on practically any machine with an up-to-date web-browser and an internet connection. The main advantage of our online meeting solution is that it allows you to both host or join a meeting without having to worry about your or the other meeting participant's current network settings, operating system or platform dependencies.

all major browsers supported, IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, ChromeAll major browsers are supported All meeting communications are using the standard port 80 http protocol and no special client download or installation is needed for either the meeting host or the meeting participants. The service can be used from any computer operating system including Windows, Mac and Linux, and any up-to-date web-browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, or Opera. It has been tested with Firefox 3.6+, IE 7+, Chrome 10+, Safari 5+ and Opera 11+ browsers. The latest HTML-5 compliant versions of these browsers are preferable, though graceful degradation of certain features is performed if you choose to use an older version. Java Plug-in required to make the most of the VoIP functionalityThe full scale of screen annotations as a host is available if you have Java version 1.6.0_10 or newer installed. Graceful degradation of certain features will take place if you have an older Java plug-in version.

In order to host the meeting as a presenter and to be able to share your screen with the meeting participants you will also need to have the Java plug-in (widely available for all browsers and most likely already part of your system's installation) installed with your web-browser, as part of this functionality is handled by a Java applet.

Similarly, if you choose for in-browser audio via Voice over IP you will need the Java plug-in as well, this time also as a participant. Without the plugin you will be able to join the meeting but you will not have sound input/output capabilities. Needless to say, if you choose in-browser VoIP audio for your meeting you will have to have the appropriate sound playback and recording hardware installed on your system (sound card, speakers and microphone or preferably head-set).