• Hassle-free on-line meetings

  • Desktop sharing

  • On screen annotations

  • Discussion threads

  • Integrated voice conferencing

Finally a high quality web conferencing tool for an affordable price! And this without any installation need!
Jesse van Slooten
The amazing performance of the desktop sharing allows us to remotely present any application to our customers.
Kostas Tzerras
online meeting

Join2Meet allows you to host or join a meeting with just one click. During a running meeting, new participants can be invited. Advanced options like e.g. voice conferencing can be added to the meeting on the fly. The geolocation of the presenter and of participants can be shown on a map, which is always live updated with new participants that join or leave the meeting. online meeting Host or join a meeting with one click, it can't get any easier...

desktop sharing Switch screens between different presenters and share control. Join2Meet allows you to seamlessly switch between different presenters and also share control of the current presenter screen with more than one meeting participants, thus providing for true collaboration between participants.

Join2Meet allows the presenter to annotate their screen with lines, shapes, arrows, and text comments. Annotations can be placed on anything on the current presenter's desktop, not just office documents or presentations.

Join2Meet allows meeting participants to join in discussions following parallel different subject threads. Discussion threads can also be started on uploaded documents shared by meeting participants or screenshots of the current presenter's webinar integrated voice Support text discussion threads for meeting participants. screen. All messages, documents and screenshots discussed during the meeting are saved and available as meeting history to the meeting host, together with the list of participants.

All that you need to get started is an internet connection and an up-to-date web-browser to access the Join2Meet site. No special client download or installation is needed for either the meeting host or the meeting participants. The service can be used from any computer operating system including Windows, Mac and Linux, and with any up-to-date web-browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, or Opera*.

Join2Meet is evolving together with the latest web technologies. Currently work is under way to support both audio and video natively using the the web-browser capabilities provided by the new HTML5 standards.

Join2Meet offers competitively priced subscriptions. You can choose the subscription plan that best suits your online meeting needs, starting from as little as €14 per month.

(*) Tested with Firefox 3.6+, IE 7+, Chrome 10+, Safari 5+, Opera 11+. HTML-5 compliant versions of these browsers are preferable, graceful degradation of certain features otherwise.