• Hassle-free on-line meetings

  • Desktop sharing

  • On screen annotations

  • Discussion threads

  • Integrated voice conferencing

Finally a high quality web conferencing tool for an affordable price! And this without any installation need!
Jesse van Slooten
The amazing performance of the desktop sharing allows us to remotely present any application to our customers.
Kostas Tzerras
online meeting

  • Have online meetings with one click

    Enjoy the ease of Join2Meet, allowing you to host a meeting with just one click, without having to configure anything or tweak with settings. Similarly your participants can join the meeting by just clicking on the link automatically sent to them with your invitation email.
  • No installation or prior configuration needed

    You do not need to install any separate piece of software, have administrator rights on your machine, or care about which operating system you or your meeting participants are using. Java applet technology and your web browser take care of all these practicalities for you, letting you concentrate solely on your web conferencing and presentation tasks.
  • Works behind any firewall or proxy server configuration

    Unlike similar services offered on the internet, Join2Meet doesn't require you to set up any special permissions on your firewall or tweak with your internet proxy settings. You can use Join2Meet even behind the most restrictive corporate firewall, a proxy server or any environment you use to access the internet.
  • Customize your meeting on the fly

    During a running meeting, new participants can be easily invited and advanced options like voice conferencing or extra security can be switched on and off at any time.