• Hassle-free on-line meetings

  • Desktop sharing

  • On screen annotations

  • Discussion threads

  • Integrated voice conferencing

Finally a high quality web conferencing tool for an affordable price! And this without any installation need!
Jesse van Slooten
The amazing performance of the desktop sharing allows us to remotely present any application to our customers.
Kostas Tzerras
online meeting
  • Αdd graphical or text annotations to your screen

    You can grab your meeting participants' attention to a specific part of your presentation or demo with on screen annotations . You can draw shapes, add highlights, point arrows or write comments on any part of your screen, instantly visible to all the meeting participants. Different cursor modes, like the laser beam or the magnifying glass let you easily turn your desktop into a complete presentation tool.
  • Share screenshots of your presentation

    At any point during the meeting you can take full or partial screenshots of your presentation screen and share them as files with the meeting participants. You can also start a new discussion thread on them.
  • Annotations :: You can annotate your screen using the meetings toolbox options
  • Enhance your meeting with remote desktop control

    You can share your desktop screen with all the meeting participants and use all your native applications to present content. You can go one step further and let them share control of your screen with you. They can then control your mouse pointer and interact with all the applications on your screen through their web-browser window and their own keyboard. In this way you could actively cooperate and work on a document together.
  • Share the presenter role with your meeting participants

    Join2Meet allows you to conduct multi-presenter meetings and conferences. At any time during your meeting you can choose one of the meeting participants and hand over the presenter role to him/her. The presentation screen will instantly switch and show this participant's desktop and he/her will in turn be able to use all the available annotation and presentation tools. You can thus use Join2Meet to perform remote desktop support for your customers, or do distributed demonstrations or even perform rotating presentations in a truly on-line web-conference, instantly and without the need for separate client-side downloads and installations.
  • Participants :: You can switch presenter roles or share control of your screen